Man On The Moon

Stop cutting your arms, and slit your throat


y’all realize these are relatively basic activities right. y’all are flipping shit because this person said “i want to have sex with you, but i also want to do other normal activities besides sex”. u do realize that is a very regular occurrence right. that u can have sexual feelings for someone and also want to spend time with them. this concept seems new to y’all. 

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tyler the creator explaining my life in under 140 characters

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I just want to grab you by the waist, look deep into your eyes, and show you the person I need to be toward you. Then make out with you for hours to show you I will never leave


Ugh when am i ever going to have sex again

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are you ignoring me or am i just worrying too much: an autobiography

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so is anyone secretly in love with me yet

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